What To Pack For A Christmas Vacation

There’s hardly anything more interesting than going on vacation for the long Christmas holiday. Everything is festive during this season, and many tourist areas and hotels offer extra perks for visitors. As amazing as a Christmas vacation could be, everything can be ruined if you forget to pack an essential item. It’s easy to forget things in the busy holiday season, so check the following list to make sure that you don’t:

Formal Clothes
Remember, it’s Christmas. If you are staying at a hotel, it’s very likely that the hotel will host a special dinner for Christmas Eve or night. You cannot show up for these in a Hawaiian shirt. So, pack a set of formal outfits to attend dinners and parties for Christmas night. Also, if you plan on going to a church for the Eve, make sure to pack appropriate clothing for that too.

Dental Care Items
Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, teeth whitening kits and other items necessary for keeping cavities and plaque at bay while on vacation. Don’t count on buying these at your vacation destination. Christmas is the peak season; so the demand will be sky high, as well as the retail prices at tourist areas. It’s unlikely that you will be able to buy these at your destination, so don’t forget to pack.

Prescription Medication
Don’t leave the house without your prescription drugs. These are less likely to be available at your holiday resort than those teeth whitening kits you desperately need. So, take extra care to fill out your prescription and take the medication you need with you on your holiday.

Seasonal Clothing
Remember that Christmas weather differs from place to place. If you are used to white Christmases and you are travelling to a tropical destination, your will have to pack clothing appropriate for warm weather. If you are from the Down South, where Christmases are never white, you will need to pack clothes for the winter season if you are travelling to the northern countries for Christmas like the U.K. or France.

Protective Gear
Don’t forget to pack protective gear like eyewear or safety hooks for mountain climbing if you plan to participate in activities like hiking or trekking. See what you are planning to do, and research the items you may need to take with you. As you can see, packing for a Christmas holiday is slightly different from packing for a regular holiday. Before you leave, make sure you have everything mentioned on this list in advance.