Ways In Which You Unknowingly Damage Your Skin

Beautiful asking can bring up a beautiful you, your skin is very sensitive and needs to be taken good care of. There maybe things you do daily that can damage your beauty. Skincare isn’t all about taking care of your face but your whole body. Your neck and chest also needs to be moisturized to avoid wrinkling when you age. You should treat your neck, chest and face in the same ways. Be sure that you wash off your makeup brushes at least twice a month because bacteria which grows on your brushes can enter your skin causing pimples and damages. Don’t sleep with your make up on because it can give rise to bacterial infections and clogged pores bringing about acne. Make up residues in your pillow will damage your skin even more. Frequent swimming can also damage your skin due to chlorine clinging into your skin.

This maybe bad news for coffee lovers but caffeine can cause dry skin and wrinkling. To reduce the effects from caffeine, drink a lot of water. Long, hot showers and skipping meals can also bring out dry skin. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important to stop ageing of cells and to give your skin a healthy glow

How to repair your skin using internal ways

Most of us have damaged skin and using different products will only do more harm to your sensitive skin. All your uneven pigmentations, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles will certainly make you feel insecure. Young skin can heal itself but as it gets older it takes time to heal and will eventually stretch out. You could always visit beauty salons for all your problems to take maximum care of your skin.

It’s best to take professional advice from your beauty therapist in Canning Vale, because they know what’s best for you. Eating food rich in vitamin C, builds up skin structure, increases firmness and prevents sagging. Intake of proteins help in building of cells and also minimizing the intake of junk food would be an advantage. Too much of salt and sugar will cause cells to break down. Drink dandelion tea for a detox, resulting in fewer acne problems and other skin issues. Exercising increases the blood received by cells giving it a healthy glow.

How to repair your damaged skin using external way

If you’re consuming a healthy diet and is having a healthy lifestyle but still has skin problems, then there’s definitely something wrong with the external factors you’re dealing with. Make sure that you stay away from environmental pollution as it is unhealthy for your skin. It is found that some plant cells have the capability to stimulate human cells growth, restoring damaged cells. Sandalwood, lavender, ova ursi (bearberry), seabuckthorn berry oil are just some of the natural ingredients that can be used on your skin for satisfying results.