Personal Grooming Tips For Women

Grooming is an extension to personal hygiene. We take care of our body and ourselves on a hygiene level to stay healthy and free of illnesses whereas grooming is to make one look neat, beautiful and their best. In the process of grooming, women also receive an immense boost to their self esteem and develop a confident and attractive personality. However, contrary to popular belief that personal grooming is all about applying heaps of makeup and dressing up in trendy clothes, personal grooming is actually maintaining one’s looks to appear presentable and pleasing.

Personal grooming tips

One of the most common follies that women tend to do is to ignore the facial hair and around the eyebrows and lips. Women must regularly get eyebrow threading done. Attempting to shape one’s eyebrows at home itself with the help of a tweezer is not safe and might even result in differently shaped brows, nicks or cuts, which could completely change the look of the face and in turn one’s appearance. Visit this link if you want eyebrow threading from Melbourne.

Shapely eyebrows apart from making the eyes look attractive, also make the face look more appealing and pleasing and make one feel clean too. Therefore to look attractive, women must visit the best eyebrow threader in the city on a regular basis to maintain the shape of the brows. The hair above the lips must also be threaded regularly as slight mustache looks ghastly on women. Even, facial hair must be lightly bleached as excessive bleaching can damage skin. Alternatively excessive facial hair on the lips, chin, sides and forehead can also be threaded or waxed.

Nowadays, there are brow parlours similar to nail spas that provide express service, thus providing a quick break and grooming session from the daily running around. The hair on the arms and legs must also be waxed regularly for a presentable appearance.

On the topic of hair, the crowning glory must be given equal attention. Shampooing, hair care, regular haircuts and appealing hair styling all make for well groomed look.

The fingers and toes must not be ignored and regular manicures and pedicures must be done as part of the personal grooming ritual. Translucent nail paint or neutral coloured nail paint looks good and works well with most outfits and looks.

Makeup must not be applied in layers, rather a few features must be highlighted, such as eyes with kohl or liners, lips using neutral gloss or muted shades like blush or pink, and very light blusher on the cheeks, if used at all. Heavy pancake layered makeup never made anyone look pretty and is a practice to be avoided.

Last but not the least, teeth must be brushed regularly. And plaque formation along with yellowing of teeth and cavities must be avoided by flossing and brushing.


Personal grooming does not require much effort, but goes a long way in creating the perfect look and personality.