How To Give Your Hair A Little Extra Volume And Bounce

We can’t seem to decide. Is it that hot, humid days, or the wet and rainy days that make hair feel heavier and more limp than usual? Regardless to whether if it’s hot and humid, or wet and rainy; if you’re having a problem with limp and lifeless locks, then no doubt you’re looking for a solution for it. Depending on whether you’re looking for temporary solutions (like when you want to try a new hair-do, or when you want to have your mane a certain way for a particular dress) or a more permanent one, we think we might be able to help you out.
Read ahead to find our experts’ tips and advice.For those days that you don’t feel like washing your hairAdmit it, everyone has a few of these days. These days are especially more frequent during the cold and wet weather; when it takes a long time to dry, and it’s too cold to let it air dry. If wet locks or daily blow drying isn’t your thing, then dirty, limp locks will definitely be a problem for you. Though we don’t recommend you do this often, try using dry shampoos for those unavoidable dirty-hair days that you have to look special. Our experts suggest using the powder instead of the spray, as it works even with wholesale salon supplies.
Don’t feel like you can grow it? Then fake it!This is not advice that works well on every topic, but when it comes to hair and volumizing it; if you can’t do it naturally, then fake it. There’s two methods. If it’s the front of your mane (your fringe or your side bangs), or a certain portion of it that you need to give added volume to, then our experts recommend a little “back combing”. This, combined with a little hairspray, will give you that volume that you want. But if you’re looking to give all your locks a boost with volume, then try hair dressing products. They’re easy to handle and will give the added benefit of length if you need it.
Make a few changes in the way you wash your hairIf you’re not among us lazy girls who have dirty hair days, and you still have limp and clumpy hair, then it’s probably because of all the products you use in it. Often, for free and bouncy locks, simply shampooing and conditioning it should be enough. Try to use a volumizing shampoo; and experiment with different types of shampoo-conditioner combos—different combos work for some hair. Make sure to condition away from the roots (it makes it oily, and it’s also one reason for dandruff). Flip your locks a few times, while it’s wet, and still drying. This lifts and separates your mane; giving it volume.