Tips For Getting The Best Of Your Makeup Kit

20. October 2016 Hair & Makeup 0
Most of us do not have the luxury to spend a lot of money on makeup items and especially branded items that most professionals use on a daily basis. So we have to make do with whatever we have already on our makeup kit. So here are some ideas on utilizing those items to their best. • Tricks for using concealer Usually you either use concealer or foundation first when you do your perfect makeup. Depending on which fashion blog you follow it differs. But applying in layers is something that you need to do no matter which one you are applying first. Apply a small amount over the areas you want to conceal then let it dry. Then follow up with another layer and continue this process until you are satisfied. Sometimes adding a layer of powder between the concealer or foundation layers help to set if properly. And try not to use the same concealer as different tones of concealer have different areas they need to be applied onto on your face. Usually the peach shades under eye and green toned ones are for pimples and blemishes and so on. Since most of us have not gone through cosmetic surgery because we want to know how to look more beautiful, giving the best using concealer will be the best option for hiding the scar. • The colour of eyeliner matters Even though you like to experiment with the different shades of eyeliner, when you are applying on a daily basis for work or so, it is better to stick to the liner that matches your eye colour. Usually medium to light skin tones are best brought out by brown coloured eye liner. Using a subtle colour for your bottom lids (white if you want to look awake on Monday mornings) will be the best routine to bring out the eye colour and shape. Try to keep liner out of your water line as it will be better for your eye’s health and also won’t give you problems when applying it. Instead of going for applying eyeliner in your entire eye go for only ¾ of the bottom lid. • Going overboard with the bronzer While most celebrities and the rich have found the solution for an ever present tan using cosmetic surgery, the rest of us have opted for using bronzer. While using this is a good idea, using it all over your face is not such a good idea. The outer edges of your face where your contours blending off and the top of your forehead are the major areas of focus when using bronzer along with your cheekbone and jawline. In actuality you should just be drawing three lines on the sides of your face. Going overboard with school ball makeup Wellington can make you seem like a try-hard or die-hard in most cases so try to keep it as simple as possible.

Finding The Right Hairstyle For You

Choosing a hairstyle that looks fantastic on somebody else, or on a model or seeing it in the latest fashion magazine, but doesn\'t look so good on somebody else, and may not look that good on you unfortunately. Think about whether you want an easy style that you can just wash and go, or do you have the time to use a hair straightener or curling iron every morning. Sometimes a cut needs a blow wave or hair rollers put in the hair for body and bounce to make it look perfect. Check this out if your looking for the makeup classes Gold Coast. Other factors that contribute to a haircut that looks good on somebody else but not you, is the shape of your face, the personality you have and the makeup you wear. Having a head of bright pink hair may not be suitable for someone who doesn\'t wear makeup or works in a lawyer’s office as a front desk receptionist, but of course would look great on someone who may have the personality and job to be able to have pink hair, such as a tattooist or artist. Usually make up artists Surfers Paradise is critical for those who have bold colour hair such as pink or blue. Black hair also needs to be carefully considered. If you colour your hair black , it is very hard to ever get it out. You may need to wait until it is all grown out, or you will need to strip your hair. Black hair can also make you look very pale, so consider your skin tone.  Some stylists have photo shop editors that will put your photo into the programme and show you how a certain cut colour and style will suit your face. This is a great idea when going for a dramatic change whether it be a cut or colour. Keeping up with hair style fashion is not what is important, but what suits you. If the latest fashion is to cut your long locks into a very short hair style, this may do more harm than good, as a style that is a little dated, for example the bob comes and goes but is always a classic and still a few people are able to pull it off. You also need to figure out whether you want to use styling products. Your style may only work with hairspray, wax or gel. If you don\'t want to use these products your style will probably just flop and just by going outside in the wind it could just end up a mess. If your hair is limp and dead straight by choosing a style with lots of layers that need lots of hot rollers could get to be too much work. Speak to your hair stylist and see what suggestions they have for you. Also consider if you want to be able to still put your hair up. Sometimes we need to have a ponytail if we are working out at the gym and you may need to realise this style just doesn\'t work and it’s up to you if you can deal with that look.